Frequently, we gauge brand-related success on social media on awareness, perception, affinity, or other similar measures.

But, is this good enough? Is this what we want for our businesses and brands?

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Social Media Promotion Prizing

Choosing a prize, or creating a prizing structure for your promotions should be carefully thought through so that it builds on your brand’s core value proposition, is attractive to your targeted audience, and rewards existing consumers in a way that is of contextual relevance.

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Profiles with no name, picture, or mention of a human being. Content that is created with the sterility of a surgeon’s table. And an almost concerted effort to hide the faintest hint of a heartbeat. These are all characteristics I see far too often from businesses and organizations on social media.

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No matter how you view the receipt of negative comments, don’t panic when you see them inevitably appear.

There are actually a number of reasons why the receipt of negative reviews can be very positive.

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