Frequently, when hashtags are being discussed – in blog posts, books, whitepapers, as part of campaigns, in meetings, or wherever – their importance is held so high that I find it verging on laughable.

A hashtag, plain and simple, is a tool for sociability.

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Frequently, we gauge brand-related success on social media on awareness, perception, affinity, or other similar measures.

But, is this good enough? Is this what we want for our businesses and brands?

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Why are we all so eager to spend as little time as possible on our business’ social media marketing efforts?

There tends to be a strong correlation between the time, energy and effort put toward implementing a smartly crafted social media strategy, and expected results.

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It is important to be clear about the distinction between strategy and tactics because misinformation leads to bad decision-making. There is too much at stake for this to not be perfectly clear.

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It’s time again for an other episode of 3 LINKS, where I share some of the better blog posts that I’ve read in recent history on the subjects of social media marketing, content marketing, traditional marketing, business, or anything related.

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Ideas for Content Creation

If you know where to look and who to talk to, there is a great deal of inspiration to be found for content creation, and it’s probably sitting right in front of you.

Here are 5 places to find inspiration for content ideas to keep things fresh and valuable for your targeted audience.

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Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Being Social

For some businesses on social media, being proactively social can be fraught with organizational challenges.

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Planning and investing in social media and traditional media shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, there can be huge benefits to planning the two in tandem.

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For any business that is knowledge-based, ideas are typically thought of as being the currency of their organization. Ideas are the basis of their product, the centre of their value proposition, and their competitive advantage. For these reasons – which are entirely valid – ideas are typically held close to the chest and are protected as carefully as a newborn child.

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A challenge for marketers is how to tap consumers behaviour of using multiple devices concurrently in a way that will amplify your brand’s message, provide value to your targeted consumers, and provide a seamless experience from device to device.

Following are three tips for how to tap the power of consumers’ simultaneous or sequential multi-device use.

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This is the fourth installment of 3 Links. Day-to-day I spend a fair bit of time reading other people’s blog content. These are 3 blog posts that I’ve read in the last week or so, that I recommend you read as well.

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Burger’s Priest is a local Toronto burger joint that has two locations. They specialize in simple, traditional, fresh, incredibly tasty burgers. In addition to their fantastic burgers, they do a few things from marketing and social media standpoints that are also quite special.

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15 benefits that can be experienced by having a complete social media profile.

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For many businesses, Yelp can be an incredibly useful social media network for driving real and measurable business results.

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A quick Google search for ‘buy Twitter followers’, ‘buy Facebook fans’, ‘buy YouTube views’, or ‘buy Google +1’s’ reveals there are no shortage of ways to quickly grow your fan-base, likes or views.

The question is: Should you pay to artificially inflate these numbers?

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30 creative thought-starters for pin-worthy Facebook updates.

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Whether you like it or not, your business has a mobile presence. The penetration of smartphones in Canada is now above 45% (source: Comscore) and consumer interaction with social media on their mobile devices is exploding.

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