Social reach does not necessarily equate to influence. Thinking holistically about the array of people that can have significant influence will strengthen your social media activity.

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News and updates from Facebook and Twitter are featured in this week’s, Last Week on Social.

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Facebook Algorithm Change is Good for Business

Facebook recently changed the News Feed algorithm, which has once again resulted in a decline in organic reach for publishers. But is this all bad news for business?

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Maximize the Success of Your Business Foray into Live Video

Live video is a HOT topic. Here are 8 considerations to maximize the success of your business or brand’s foray into broadcasting live video.

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There are important considerations to take into account when identifying the social media networks that are right for your business.

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Without context, social data and analytics won’t tell you much of anything that is useful for your business.

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Social Media Considerations for Job Descriptions

In my experience, job descriptions tend to kind of just… well… be job descriptions.

What I mean by that is that they’re not exactly the first thing that businesses think about when conceiving of ways to push their business forward, promote and lead innovation, build and sustain brand advocacy, and ensure employees and coworkers are driving forces behind organizational social media success.

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Enhancing Your Organization’s Collective Intelligence using Twitter

Imagine if you could have access to all of the best information, articles, whitepapers, reports, and resources that your coworkers are paying attention to.

Also imagine if they had access to everything you were checking out online.

You would all be better for it, right?

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Social Media as a Litmus Test for the Strength of your Business

Through social listening, reading reviews and comments, and paying attention to competitive communities you can learn what you’re doing well, what needs improving, and gain a stronger understanding of what you can do to enhance the performance of your business.

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