Wearable Tech and Social Media

Predictions about what impact wearable tech will have on the social interactions brands have with, and digital utility that brands provide to, their audiences.

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Social Media Creative Opportunity

Listen up agency friends!

I know there are some of you that find the ongoing creation of social media content to be a bit of a drag, but there is huge creative opportunity here that you really should be excited for.

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Killer Content Ikea 2014 Catalogue

I know that you’re probably thinking there’s no possible way that an Ikea catalogue could possible be anything close to being considered ‘killer content’, but I think if you check this out for yourself that you’ll agree with my thinking that this is pretty cool.

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A challenge for marketers is how to tap consumers behaviour of using multiple devices concurrently in a way that will amplify your brand’s message, provide value to your targeted consumers, and provide a seamless experience from device to device.

Following are three tips for how to tap the power of consumers’ simultaneous or sequential multi-device use.

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When planning your social media activity, it is critically important to understand your consumers’ natural behaviour on social media, with technology, and in the offline world to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

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